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Shut Up & Sit Down is...

Quintin Smith / @quinns108

Beaten savagely by his step-father (at chess), Quinns’ goal in life is to get people playing anything else. “Chess is OK,” he said, yesterday, “But is it as good as Twister? Think about it.”

In 2011, Quinns was arrested for drunkenly attempting to dismantle his local book shop’s board game section. Shut Up & Sit Down is his community service.

He’s friends with...

Paul Dean / @paullicino

Paul, who stares at self descriptions like a deer caught in car headlights, has been spotted playing board games since the 1980s. Of course, it’s not how long you’ve been playing that matters, but how much you care, and Paul’s real problem was that he never cared to stop.

It’s his fault Shut Up & Sit Down is called what it is, as opposed to, you know, something sensible. Paul does not have a favourite type of dog, but his favourite concept is compatibilism.

He’s a fan of...

Matt Lees / @jam_sponge

After years of begrudgingly accepting Monopoly and Risk, Matt discovered Diplomacy and Cosmic Encounter. After a friendship-ruining invasion of Calais and the unveiling of THE LUNAR CANNON, it felt like there was no looking back.

Since then it's become his mission to get those who roll their eyes to start rolling dice instead. When he isn't performing cardboard baptisms Matt makes videos about videogames, and records a rather blue comedy podcast.

He practices his high-fives with...

Brendan Caldwell / @brendy_c

Brendan was rescued from a bog by team SU&SD in the summer of 2012. Initially malnourished and severely dehydrated, he has since come far in his contributions to the site.

When Brendan isn’t board gaming, he is kept in a cupboard and fed biscuits through a gap in the door. Brendan’s preferred aroma is that of subconscious terror and he spends up to five hours a day practising his scuttle.