GAMES NEWS! 16/05/16
Review: Isle of Skye
Review: Knit Wit
How to Play The Resistance: Avalon!
Review: Doctor Panic
GAMES NEWS! 02/05/16
Review and a Recipe: Celestia and a Fluffy Frittata
Review: Greedy Greedy Goblins
How to Play Mysterium!
SU&SD Play... Eldritch Horror!
Podcast #40: Reiner Knizia's Relationship Simulator
GAMES NEWS! 18/04/16
Review: Brass
How To Play Memoir ‘44!
Review: Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization
Review: X-Wing's Eighth Wave of Expansions!
GAMES NEWS! 04/04/16
Double Feature: Parade & Incan Gold
Clutching at Bannisters: A Heartfelt Review of Fantasy Football
How to Play Skull!
Review: Mexica
Podcast #39: Dancin', Brawlin' and Burglin'
GAMES NEWS! 21/03/16
Review: Arena Rex
How To Play Galaxy Trucker!
Review: Patchwork
GAMES NEWS! 07/03/16
Review: Star Wars Rebellion
How to play Condottiere!
Review: 504
Review: Archaeology: The New Expedition
SU&SD Play... Catacombs
Podcast #38: 504 Ways to Eat Paper
GAMES NEWS! 15/02/16
Review and a Recipe: Arboretum and pasta with trees
Review: Mombasa
GAMES NEWS! 08/02/16
Review: Food Chain Magnate
Review: Blood Rage
How to play Fury of Dracula!
SU&SD Play... Concept
GAMES NEWS! 25/01/16
Review: Concordia
How to play Pandemic Legacy!
Review: Flick 'em Up!
Podcast #37: The Fun Stick Game
Games News! 11/01/16
...And that's it for 2015!
Stress & Focus: An X-Wing Tournament Diary
SU&SD'S TOP 50 GAMES EVER, 2015! The also-rans
SU&SD's Top 50 Games Ever, 2015! #10 to #1
SU&SD's Top 50 Games Ever, 2015! #20 to #11
SU&SD's Top 50 Games Ever, 2015! #30 to #21
SU&SD's Top 50 Games Ever, 2015! #40 to #31
SU&SD's Top 50 Games Ever, 2015! #50 to #41
Review: Thunderbirds
Podcast #36: Art Vs. Knives
Games News! 30/11/15
Review: Porta Nigra
Paul's Best Game of BGGCon2015: Above and Below
Games News! 23/11/15
Review: Mafia de Cuba
Games News! 16/11/15
SU&SD on the spot: Two lovely interviews from FFG's 2015 World Championships
Podcast #35: Rebellion in an Airport
Review: Star Wars Armada, Wave 2
Impressions: Fury of Dracula 3rd Ed.
Impressions: Runebound 3rd Ed.
Games News! 02/11/15
Spoiler-Free Review: T.I.M.E. Stories
Review: Batman Miniature Game
Games News! 26/10/15
Spoiler-Free Review: Pandemic Legacy
Podcast #34: The Great Antarctic Experiment
Games News! 19/10/15
Review: 7 Wonders: Duel
How to Get Started with Roleplaying!
Review: Meteor
Games News! 12/10/15
SU&SD Play... Funemployed
Dumb Games, or "Why I Sometimes Yearn To Punch You"
Games News! 05/10/15
Review: Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn
Review: Evolution & the Flight Expansion
Games News! 28/09/15
Tips for the Top 5 Problem Players
Miniatures Game Review: Malifaux
Games News! 21/09/15
On Playmats: A Netrunner Story
Podcast #33: Paints, Knocks and Christian Petersen
Games News! 14/09/15
Introducing... Cool Ghosts!
Review: Traders of Osaka
Games News! 07/09/15
SU&SD Play... Two Rooms and a Boom
Podcast #32: Gas, Quiche and King Eric Lang
Games News! 31/08/15
Review: Shogun
Review: Samurai
Games News! 24/08/15
Impressions: A Game of Thrones: The Card Game (2nd Edition)
Miniatures Game Review: Dropzone Commander
Games News! 17/08/15
The 2015 Gen Con Special!
Review: Cacao
RPG Review: The Burning Wheel
Games News! 10/08/15
The Second Live Podcast!
Review: Codenames
Games News! 03/08/15
Review: Carcassonne
Review: Arctic Scavengers: Recon
Games News! 27/07/15
Review: Fief
Crafty: How Pip Made Guess Who Better!
Hang with SU&SD at Gen Con '15!
Games News! 20/07/15
Review: Star Wars: Imperial Assault
Miniatures Game Review: Warmachine & Hordes
Games News! 13/07/15
Review: Trajan
Podcast #30: An Opera of Toys
Interview: Volko Ruhnke's Modern Wargames
Games News! 06/07/15
Review: Spyfall
Review: Cockroach Poker Royal
Games News! 29/06/15
Review: Specter Ops
Miniatures Game Review: Infinity
RPG Review: Kaleidoscope
Games News! 22/06/15
Review: Forbidden Stars
Review: Machi Koro's Harbor Expansion
Games News: Crowdsourced Edition! 15/06/15
Presenting Quinns' Corner Awards, 2015!
Spent: The Story of a Poker Tournament
Games News! 08/06/15
Review: Welcome to the Dungeon
Podcast #29: Nightmares at the Hilton
Hot Previews from the UK Games Expo!
Review: Deus
Imperial Assault: Joining the Dark Sidekick
Games News! 26/05/15
Some Tips From SU&SD, 100 Videos In!
Games News! 18/05/15
SU&SD Play... Star Wars: Armada
Review: Roll for the Galaxy
Games News! 11/05/15
Review: Witness
Review: Cards Against Humanity
Games News! 04/05/15
Review: Nations & Imperial Settlers
Podcast #28: Imperial Smog
Games News! 27/04/15
Review: Panamax
Review: Elysium
Games News! 20/04/15
Review: Dogs of War
Review: Friday
Games News! 13/04/15
SU&SD Play... Watch the Skies 2 (Pt. 2)
Podcast #27: Japanese Ghost Welfare
Games News! 06/04/15
SU&SD Play... Watch the Skies 2 (Pt. 1)
Review: Legion of Honor
Games News! 30/03/15
Review: Star Wars: Armada
Podcast #26 and Spoken Articles are Up!
Games News! 23/03/15
Review: Monikers
Review: Mysterium
Games News! 16/03/15
Review: Saboteur
Pip Remembers When Life was Just a Game
Games News! 09/03/15
Paul's Greatest Gaming Memory
Interview: Different Play on bringing diversity to tabletop gaming
Games News! 02/03/15
Review: Cyclades: Titans
Rooky Errors: A Story of Chess
Games News! 23/02/15
Review: Doomtown: Reloaded
Shut Up & Sit Down's Tales of Betrayal!
Games News! 16/02/15
Review: San Juan
Review: Mascarade Expansion
Games News! 09/02/15
Review: XCOM: The Board Game
Podcast #25: Stop! Let's Banana
Games News! 02/02/15
Review: Last Will & Getting Sacked
Review: Trains: Rising Sun
Games News! 26/01/15
Review: War Stories
SU&SD Play... Cosmic Encounter
A Guide to Cosmic Encounter's 5 Expansions!
Review: Out of Dodge
Games News! Bog Wood Edition
Review: Xia: Legends of a Drift System
Podcast #24: On Poor Quality Property
Games News! 5 Star edition
Your Guide to Space Cadets: Resistance is Mostly Futile
Games News! Pingo Pingo Edition
...And that's it for 2014!
Paul's 2014 Convention Special
Holy Cow: Doomtown Is Pretty Neat
Games News! 15/12/14
SU&SD's Top 25 Games Ever! #5 to the #1
SU&SD's Top 25 Games Ever! #10 to #6
SU&SD's Top 25 Games Ever! #15 to #11
SU&SD's Top 25 Games Ever! #20 to #16
SU&SD's Top 25 Games Ever! #25 to #21
Games News! 08/12/14
Quinns' Favourite Drinking Games
Paul's Favourite Games from BGG Con '14!
Games News! 1/12/14
The Opener: Love Letter & Gingerbread Pears
Review: Paradise Fallen & Yardmaster
Review: Zooloretto
Games News! 24/11/14
Review: Tammany Hall
We're making changes to subscriptions and the Gold Club!
Review: Colt Express
Games News! 17/11/14
Review: Lords of Xidit
Podcast #23: The Christmas CarolCast
Games News! 10/11/14
Review: Chinatown
Review: Fire in the Lake
Games News! 03/11/14
Review: Zombie 15'
Reminder: Have you visited the SU&SD forums?
New Podcast: Sean Bean Quest
Games News! 27/10/14
The Opener: Sheriff of Nottingham & Chicken Apple Bread
Review: Dog Eat Dog
The Magic Position
The Wet Retirement Special
Podcast #22: The OctoberCast
Games News! 13/10/14
Review: Steam Park
Review: Illegal
Games News! 06/10/14
Paul's Roleplay Design Diary! Part 4
Review: Abyss
Subscriptions are on hold, and we're extending the donation season
Games News! 29/09/14
Review: Five Tribes
Tips for running a Tournament
Kotaku Article: Thoughts on D&D 5th Edition
Games News! 22/09/14
Donations, and forums, are now open!
Review: Samurai Spirit
Review: 1944: Race to the Rhine
Games News! 15/09/14
Review: Dead of Winter
Review: Camel Up
Games News! 08/09/14
The Opener: Cash 'n Guns and Sausages and Mash and Onions and Gravy
Paul's Thank You for Gen Con
Games News! 02/09/14
The Very Professonal Gen Con Special!
Review: PitchCar
Podcast #21: The Cardcast
Games News! 25/08/14
Our Favourite 8 Games From Gen Con 2014!
Podcast #20: The Livecast!
Games News! 18/08/14
SU&SD Play... Archipelago: War & Peace
Going to Gen Con? Meet SU&SD this Friday!
Amazing Star Wars Adventures! Pt. 3
Games News! 11/08/14
Review: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
Announcing Podcast #19: The Watercast!
Games News! 04/08/14
Paul's Roleplay Design Diary! Part 3
That's all for this week!
Amazing Star Wars Adventures! Pt. 2
Games News! 28/07/14
Review: Lords of Vegas
Review: Russian Railroads
Podcast #18: The Turbocast
Games News! 21/07/14
Your Favourite Gaming Moment
Review: Eight-Minute Empire
Games News! 14/07/14
Review: BattleLore
Brendan's Correct Way to Scratch
Review: Anomia
Games News! 07/07/14
The Opener: Gravwell & Wicked Beans
Review: Tokaido: Crossroads
Games News! 30/06/14
Gold Club 3 closes in 24 hours!
Review: The X-Wing Miniatures Game
Review: Ugg-Tect
Games News! 23/06/14
The Second Sci-Fi Special
Announcing our 3rd ever Gold Club bag!
Games News! 16/06/14
Review: Blueprints
Amazing Star Wars Adventures: The Prologue
Review: 2.8 Hours Later
Games News! 09/06/14
Addendum to the Diskwars review
Review: Warhammer Diskwars
Review: Jaipur
Games News! 02/06/14
The Opener: Takenoko and a Hot Toddy
Podcast #17: The Megacast
Games News! 26/05/14
SU&SD Play... A Goddamn Megagame
Donations have been re-opened!
Review: Babel
Games News! 19/05/14
Review: Lewis & Clark
Eurogamer Review: Cosmic Encounter
Podcast #16: On the Death of Bothans
Games News! 12/05/14
Review: Mice and Mystics
Review: Snake Oil
Games News! 05/05/14
Review: Theseus
Assembly of the 2nd Gold Club Bag has BEGUN!
Games News! 28/04/14
The Opener: Pandemic, Expansions & Penicillin
Review: Jungle Speed Safari
The Very Best Introductory Wargames!
Hot Games! 21/04/14
Some Tips for Rules Explanations!
Review: Hey, That's My Fish!
Paul's Roleplay Design Diary! Part 2
Games News! 14/04/14
Eurogamer review: Talisman Digital Edition
Review(s): Machi Koro Vs. Splendor
Podcast #15: Fleeing the City
Games News! 07/04/14
Review: Arctic Scavengers
U.S.A. Tabletop Day Update!
Tabletop Day is April 5th! Come meet Quinns!
An Actual Interview: Space Cadets
It's the last day for Gold Club bag #2!
Games News! 31/03/14
SU&SD Play... Wiz-War and Malefic Curses!
Review: Viticulture
Daft Souls is a new gaming podcast! With us!
Review: Rampage
Games News! 24/03/14
The Opener: Skull & Roses with Fresh Pizza
Review: Concept
An Actual Interview: Quantum
Games News! 17/03/14
Review: Going, Going, GONE!
Introducing our Gold Club, Season 2!
Paul's Roleplay Design Diary! Part 1
Games News! 10/03/14
Review: Quantum
Podcast #14: That Heart-Restarting Moment
Games News! 03/03/14
Sadness: Today's Video is Delayed.
Life Hacks: A Netrunner Story
Games News! 24/02/14
The Opener: Coup & Sweet Potato Fries
Retrospective: Risk Legacy
Review: Ghost Panzer
Games News! 17/02/14
SU&SD Play... Android: Netrunner
Review: Guts of Glory
Games News! 10/02/14
Review: Caverna
Hive Mind: How To Win At Hive Like a Master
Games News! 03/02/14
Review: Tash-Kalar
SU&SD Play... L.H.S. Bikeshed
Games News! 27/01/14
Review: Eldritch Horror
Quinns' Top 3 Games of 2013
Gold Club bags are now shipping!
Games News! 20/01/14
The Shouting Game Special
Podcast #13: The Tale of Elfblow Whistleknife
Games News! 13/01/14
Review: New Amsterdam
Quinns is on the Terminal7 podcast!
Games News! 06/01/14
Shipping Addresses & Top-Offs!
...And that's it for 2013!
Quinns is on the Plaid Hat Podcast!
Review: A Distant Plain
Games News! 16/12/13
Hexagonal Tile-Laying Game Fest, 2013
SU&SD's Best Games For Your Family
Games News! 09/12/13
Review: Cutthroat Caverns
Podcast #12: Quinns' Holiday Crush
The Shut Up & Sit Down Community Guidelines
Games News! 2/12/13
An apology, a look back at an old review, a breakfast calzone
Review: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
The Top 3 Games From BoardGameGeek Con
Games News! 25/11/13
Review: Freedom: The Underground Railroad
Review: Agents of Smersh
Games News! 18/11/13
SU&SD Play... Space Cadets
Podcast #11: All Your Broken Monsters
Games News! 11/11/13
The Dexterity Games Special
Review: Relic Runners
Games News! 04/11/13
The Unaired SU&SD Pilot
Review: Betrayer's Banquet
Podcast #10: Pirates & Politics
Autumn Pledge Season Stretch Goals!
Games News! 28/10/13
Review: Seasons
Thank you!
Review: Sekigahara
Games News! 21/10/13
The Halloween Special, 2013
Review: DreadBall
Games News! 14/10/13
The Opener: Werewolf & Chilli Con Carne
Kotaku Article: Top 5 Friendships-Ruiners
Pip Escapes A Room
Podcast #9: Reigning Supreme
Games News! 07/10/13
Review: Trains
Review: Twilight Struggle
Games News! 30/09/13
Review: Winter Tales
Review: Mage Wars
Lord Smingleigh On... House Rules, Pt. 2
Games News! 23/09/13
SU&SD Needs You! Donations are now open.
SU&SD Will Be At Eurogamer Expo 2013!
Review: Gauntlet of Fools
Games News! 16/09/13
Review: Augustus
Interview: Plaid Hat Games
Games News! 09/09/13
Review: The Cave
Review: Here I Stand
Review: Village
Lord Smingleigh On... House Rules, Pt. 1
Impressions: The BioShock Infinite Board Game
Kotaku Article: Days of Wonder Interview
Games News! 26/08/13
Review: Escape: The Curse of the Temple
Review: Gen Con 2013
Games News! 19/08/13
The Opener: Mascarade & Cheesy Twists
We're at Gen Con 2013! ...Kind of.
RPG Review: The Quiet Year
Designer Interview: Zach Gage
Games News! 12/08/13
Review: Kemet
Podcast #8: Pointy Masks & Huge Beetles
Review: The Guns of Gettysburg
Games News! 05/08/13
Review: Sentinels of the Multiverse
Review: Netrunner - Creation and Control
Games News! 29/07/13
Review: Tales of the Arabian Nights
Review: Gearworld: The Borderlands
Games News! 22/07/13
An Intro to Board Gaming! Oh, yes.
The SU&SD Incredible Outtakes Project, Pt 1
Review: Pandemic
Games News! 15/07/13
Review: Quarantine
The Ludological Investigation Society: A Story
Games News! 08/07/13
The Opener: Infinity Dungeon & Awful Jelly
Review: It Never Snows
Games News! 01/07/13
Review: Terra Mystica
RPG Review: Monsterhearts
Kotaku Article: Winning is Killing Gaming
Games News! 24/06/13
Introducing... SU&SD's Rapid Reviews
Game Salute: A New Kind of Publisher?
Lucky Podcast No. Seven ft. Leigh Alexander!
Games News! 17/06/13
Review: 1812: The Invasion of Canada
SU&SD Ask... What card games might you play?
Games News! 10/06/13
SU&SD Play... Galaxy Trucker
Review: Netrunner
RPG Review: Shooting the Moon
SU&SD Will Now Cover Indie RPGs!
Games News! 03/06/13
Review: Spartacus
Review: El Grande
Games News! 27/05/13
Review: Star Wars- The Card Game
Review: Combat Commander
Games News! 20/05/13
The Opener: Ladies & Gentlemen & Scones
Review: Tokaido
Games News! 13/05/13
Review: City of Remnants
A quick thanks
Review: Eclipse
SU&SD Play... Memoir '44: Operation Overlord
Review: Merchant of Venus
The Very Sixth SU&SD Podcast
Games News! 29/04/13
Review: String Railway
Kotaku Article: The Magic Touch
Review: Last King of Scotland
Games News! 22/04/13
Review: Archipelago
Some Actual Journalism: Licensed Games
Games News! 15/04/13
The iOS Roundup! 14/04/2013
The Fifth Podcast Is Here!
Review: Libertalia
The Opener: Flash Point & A Flaming B-52
Impressions: Mage Wars
Review: Descent 2nd Edition
Your Primer on... Wargames
Review: Mansions of Madness
Games news! 01/04/13
SU&SD play... The Resistance: Avalon!
Games news! 25/03/13
SU&SD Present: Board Gaming's Golden Age
Review: Tease
Our Belated Top 5 Games Of 2012
The Fourth Ever SU&SD Podcast
Your Guide to Space Cadets
Review: Robinson Crusoe - Adventure on the Cursed Island
Review: Fortress America
Impressions: Neuroshima Hex!
Review: Innovation
Review: Shadows over Camelot
Retrospective: Ambush!
Review: Mission- Red Planet
Review: City of Horror
Review: Discworld - Ankh Morpork
The Very Third Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast
Review: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
Impressions: August
Review: Hive
The We Are Back! Podcast, Because We Are Back
Review: Cyclades - Hades
Review: The Castles of Burgundy
The Podcast
Impressions: April
RPG Review: Fiasco
Review: The Mines of Zavandor
Review: Kingsburg
Review: Red November
Review: Merchants & Marauders
Review: The Pyramid of Horus
Paul's Nostalgia Trip
Excitement: The Top 10 Games Coming in 2012
Review: Dungeon Run
Review: Pictomania
Review - Game of Thrones: The Board Game
It's war: Player Interaction
Review: Dixit
Review: Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space
It's Out: The Summoner Wars Master Set
Review: Black Gold
Review: Fury of Dracula
Review: Zombies!!!
Review: Condottiere
Our guide to: Rules Explanations
Review: Stone Age
Floating Round My Tin Can
Review: Ghost Stories
Keep Calm and Carry A Flamethrower
We Have To Go Cheaper
A Terry Pratchett Double Bill
Runewars Just Got Even More Epic
Grievous Ninjury
Flipping Great
Robot Rock