The fifth Shut Up & Sit Down podcast is here! Quinns and Paul have fumbled an entire hour out of their busy schedules to chat about Relic, Netrunner, Love Letter and so much more. Click here to be magically transported to our podcast section!

Oh, and don't worry about whether to comment here or over there. Both pages will now share the same comments in one great big commenting hug! We're amazing like that.

We also have something very serious to ask. Do you play a musical instrument? There's something you might be able to help us with, and just this once, we're not joking. Details after the jump.

In future podcasts, we'd LOVE to be able to break up the games and topics we discuss with little musical stings from our fans. Just tiny bits of audio, recorded with the same, casual love that we use to power this entire site.

We're not looking for songs. Just tiny guitar licks. Sinister oboe blasts. Erotic trumpet... noises. Absolutely anything you guys feel like giving us, really. Don't worry about talent or audio quality. In case you haven't noticed, SU&SD has kind of a garage band (read "grandma's basement") vibe anyway.

If you felt like helping us out, just record a few seconds of you DOING YOUR THING, or even a minute of you jamming weirdly that we can edit ourselves. Upload it anywhere and post a link in the comments.

Seriously. We're not kidding. Give us what you've got! And if you're the only person that responds, all the better. That'll make you the star of the next podcast.

(Alternatively, we might unleash a monster. But that's fine too, right?)