Hang onto your socks! It's time for a brand-new regular feature on Shut Up & Sit Down. Starting today, on every other Monday we're going to deliver a quick, entertaining rules explanation of one of our absolute favourite games in place of a news post.

Our thinking behind this was threefold. One, we've had people writing in and asking for this for years. Two, doing half as many news posts means that our news posts all become more plump with the stories that matter, you're more excited to read them, and we're more excited to write them. Three, we mentioned last year that the site's focus has been drifting more towards established board gamers in recent years, something we wanted to correct. We think teaching you how to play the very best games around is nice way to keep the site relevant and exciting, but also making it more welcoming for newcomers.

Naturally, we had to kick off with our new #1 game of all time, Pandemic Legacy. After this, though, we want to work for you guys. If you have a game you'd like to see us teach, leave a comment!