Quinns: We can't get enough of The Resistance. We'd mainline it if we could. It's a tiny, perfect card game that cuts a table full of people into ignorant heroes and traitorous spies.

The good guys need to select three teams to perform three successful missions, which is tricky... because the spies will be conniving to get themselves a into these teams so that they can screw it all up.

Paul: It's a simple thing to explain, but it's a game much better seen. Only then will you truly understand the suffocating weight of the lies and accusations that this game spawns. Here we're playing The Resistance: Avalon, a standalone sequel with an Arthurian theme and a whole bunch of new roles for players to take. This time around, it's much more complex than just good guys and bad guys.

Enjoy watching olde Englande descend into chaos as we fracture the round table.