Paul: Another podcast! It’s almost as if they’re becoming a completely irregular thing! Perhaps we’ll have to sort out an RSS feed so that we can sort out a iTunes thing so that we can sort out a WAIT A SECOND, you can just download the third podcast right here.

No, wait, it’s come to our attention that, on a few occasions, it’s not been entirely clear how you can download our podcast. Following Quinns’ advice, here’s something that should help:


(If your browser doesn’t start downloading it, Right-clicking and selecting Save As should do the job quite nicely.)

This podcast reunites us and sees us catch up on what we’ve both been up to. As well as bouncing between topics like a pinball between flippers, this is an important podcast for us for two reasons. First, we’re announcing an exciting thing and second, we’re also asking you, our audience, an important question about a decision we’re thinking of making. But we won’t make it without consulting you first. Does that sound dramatic? Hopefully it’s whetted your appetite and stimulated your curiosity gland.

Regarding that second bit, please do share your views in the comments below, or alternatively email us with your reflections (and even ideas). What you think on this topic is very, very important to us.

Oh yes, we also talk about some GAMES! We’ve got Android: Netrunner, Libertalia, Guts of Glory, Puzzle Strike, Fortress: America, D-Day Dice, Ghost Stories: Black Secret, Mission: Red Planet, The Resistance: Avalon, Agricola, Village and Mage Knight: The Lost Legion.

Right then, these Y-fronts aren’t going to iron themselves.