The very sixth podcast is here! Click! Click, and be TRANSPORTED to the magical land of widget players, iTunes links and direct downloads.

In this one, we're trying to make the podcast more professional. The result? A regular feature we can't decide on, musical stings we're wielding like cattle prods, and a special guest! Who is Brendan. Sorry.

On the plus side, we're serving up HOT CHATTER about so many new titles! Lords of Waterdeep, Tokaido, City of Remnants, The New Science, Police Precinct, Kingdoms, Netrunner (again), Relic (again), and A La Carte! Which is a cooking game for children from 20 years ago. Sorry.

As you can hear using your ears, we've used lots of the music you guys provided in the comments last time. Evidently, we're not kidding. So please, keep twanging away on your plucking instruments, and post yet more in the comments here. Fame is just a hosted .mp3 away!